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    Address: Zhangjiagang Jinfeng Town Sanxing Xijiegang
    Contact: Mr. HONGBIN FAN
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About us

Zhangjiagang Yidexin Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang (San Xing West Side Port), which is at shore of the Yangtze River in southern Jiangsu, Where is famoused for the "land of plenty", "Jiangnan green state", the transportation is very convenient. Since the establishment in 2002, the plant concentrated on developing plastic machine, especially produce mill machine. We adopted the local and foreign advanced technical, upgrading our products constantly to meet the demands of users. The Company consolidated Germany's advanced technology, research and developed the MF-M models of PE milling machine. On the basis of MF-M technology, accompanied with  Japanese cold-milling  technology, it can also produce PP, PS, PA, PB, PET, PPR's powder! The MF-Z/MF-S/MF-W series of PVC products’ advantages are more efficient, long life, saving energy and so on!

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Latest products

PET Bottle Flake washing line

Product Number :205142-241

PET Bottle Flake washing line specifically for crushing, washing waste PET plastic bottles of mineral water equipment, machine characteristics: appearance of fine, low energy consumption, high output, practical and reliable. The new device can rinse with the wash with the break, greatly improving production efficiency Read More

Conical twin-screw extruder

Product ID :12130-378
Product Model: SJZ 105/216
Products Unit: Yidexin Machine

This machine is suitable for high output of the PVC granulation, large diameter pipe, heavy plate and sheet extrusion, also applies to wood-plastic products, granulation and extrusion. Read More

PET packing tape extrusion line

Product Number :123022-403
Product Type: SJ65/30

PET packing belt has good rigidity, high temperature resistant, non-rust advantages. The proportion of the proportion of steel 1 / 5, mainly applicable to all enterprises and packaging packaging. Its characteristics: high tensile strength, elongation is small, easy-off shock low prices, good flexibility, easy operation. Read More

PE Carbon Spiral Reinforcing Pipe Production Line

Product ID :12188-483
Product Type: SJ-90/30B

The polyolefin special single-screw extruder, with high-speed extrusion and high plasticization and so on.
special detachment type mixing screw and spiral structure of the nose, flow channel is reasonable, both inside and outside pipe wall smooth.
specially designed sizing cooling mode: Production range 50-200mm, the production speed of 0.4-1.5 m / min.
High flexibility, is applicable to all co-extruded polyolefin materials can be out of a variety of different specifications to enhance the spiral tube, you can use recycled material.Read More

Wood-plastic profiles production line

Product Number :202022-275
Product Model: 111
Products Unit: Yidexin Machine
Product details:
Pre-mixed raw material Shredding WPC Granulating Extrusion Molding Machine
Acquainted with the situation out of a vacuum forming machine profile traction machine cutting machine stack frameRead More

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